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Learn about the superpowers of #Gold & #Silver, #NFTs, #Crypto, and #Blockchain technologies and the freedom that comes with them.

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Join us each Tuesday at @thelaborlando for "Parallel Economies and the Power of the Nation State", as we share the power of building and participating in Parallel Economies, and creating your own Nation States.

Learn about the super powers of Precious Metals and NFTs, Crypto, and Blockchain technologies and the freedom that comes with them.
What is the Metaverse?

SherlocNFT & Maximus Chain will have our own - the Maximus Multiverse!

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Tampa #NFT home update:

NFT Home Sale Has 1,500 Bidders Lining Up

NFTs are homing in on a new multi-trillion dollar market: real estate

#sherloc #maximus #smartchain

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