If she’s brave enough, she would file that petition for certiorari to assail the constitutionality of the merit-based scholarships of DOST.

Hint for this woman and those who want to follow her path: You can claim that it is violative of the equal protection clause but good luck convincing the RTC or the Supreme Court that your argument is tenable.

It’s one thing to rant on Twitter, it’s another thing to take action about the nation’s problems.

That’s where we’re different from this woman - she thinks, we do.
Well, that’s because most Filipino men are irredeemable. It’s pointless to teach them not to be violent when they were literally bred to be violent like Pitbulls. Most Filipino men are just the human equivalent of Pitbulls.

If we want our next generation of men to be virtuous, it’s time to marry men from abroad and not just any men but those from countries known to have virtuous men and for the men in this country who happen to be the virtuous minority, you’re better off marrying a virtuous woman from here (because fortunately, the Philippines still has enough virtuous women) or abroad.

Remember, we can choose your spouses but if we want to make our sons (and daughters) virtuous, it is important for us to have a virtuous spouse.
Biology doesn't just answer "who am I?"

It answers "whose am I?"