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Join Sherloc co-founders Julianna Ormond and RC Williams, along with industry leaders Leonard Cabral, Jon Perry, and others to learn the key strategies you need to thrive.

Two Dates:

Saturday, 5/28 - 5-8pm in #Tampa:

Sunday, 5/29 - 2-5pm in #Orlando:

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#NFTs are a path to wealth and independence if done right.


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Sit any bias to the side for a moment and think about this practically, as this headline is... er... a money grabber:

#WinRed is spamming at a high volume and it's causing a root mistrust issue with supporters.

Worse yet, it's causing those on the fence (who are thinking about a party affiliation change) to not make a move.

Depending on what business you're in, this is a problem:

*If you're in the money grab business, shoot your shot. Keep in mind it's likely the only shot you'll get.

*If you're in the business of the nation's business (i.e. improving things) our data shows you're REALLY pissing people off.

This won't end well.

Don't fire blind with your business or brand - we can keep you out of trouble -

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A different take:

The #superpower of properly using #cognitive intelligence or #ai is the ability to "take peoples temperature" on a brand, model, or industry at any given time.

In our 2021 #Sherloc automotive industry study, we found a negative connotation at the intersection of #Ford and the #F150. The issue with bridging the gap from fuel to electric months before other indicators.

That comes from the ability to connect the dots. Learn more @
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