The US vs Crater case will impact how you'll deal with crypto.
It will also put you in a position where writing someone a check could make you an unlicensed money service business.

Good time to get caught up. Read (or listen) now.
"During a meeting of the Seminole Republican Women Federated featuring Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Chris Anderson, leading research firm, SHERLOC, discovered that the electronic voting machines in the county connect to the internet."
"During this interview, you’ll hear about Kruger’s relationships with the players involved in the case, how he was treated by the government, and why MBC investor John Lynch and his involvement are so important."

We have to stop this, now. #FBI #DOJ #CFTC
Part Two of our expose on #Government collusion and corruption in the U.S. vs. Randall Crater case is out now.

#corruption #collusion #DOJ #SEC #FBI
"This is step one in holding our out of control agencies accountable. This stops now." - Julianna Ormond & RC Williams, co-founders of SHERLOC

#DOJ #CFTC #SEC #collusion #conspiracy
This expose will finally shed a long overdue light on the lengths that the US Government will go to in weaponizing the system to control outcomes.

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