BREAKING NEWS! Sumter County joins the Florida Republican Assembly (FRA). Sumter County residents packed into a local restaurant to see FRA’s presentation. Excitement grew when they learned that FRA is Judeo-Christian grassroots organization that puts God first, stands up for our conservative values and principles as well as an alternative to the RPOF and RNC. Without hesitation, a motion was brought to the floor to establish “Republican Assembly Sumter County” chapter which led to electing former state representative Bob Green unanimously. Congratulations to President Bob Green and Sumter County Residents!

FRA is home of Abraham Lincoln, Fredrick Douglas, Ronald Reagan, and Donald J. Trump! Make a difference and get involved @
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Congratulations to ANGELICA McKINNEY for being nominated Chapter President, Osceola County Conservative Republican Assembly. We are so proud of you and your new elected officers.
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